Top Adventure Games For Android Phones!

Top Adventure Games for Android Phones

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Adventure games are one of the most exciting and interesting games to play for when it comes to android games in general. These adventure games not only provides curiosity to the players, but also engages them with the game. Now, adventure games are not really hard to find but when there are tons of free online multiplayer games out there, it becomes slightly difficult to choose. Also, sometimes the descriptions show something and the game shows different thing. In this case your net gets wasted and also time.

So, in order to help you with that here is a list of some of the best and top adventure games for android. If you’re ready then read on further to know which one will suit you better.  

Top Adventure Games for Android Phones

The Wolf Among Us:

Everything is intense in this android game. From the storyline to gameplay to even characters are immensely interesting and adventurous to play. In this game your choices and decision leads to different storylines which means what your friend will have in his/her story will be slightly different from yours so it’s basically like you won’t be able to know what the storyline will lead to which is good for an adventure game. Here in this game your role is of investigating a murder case of a woman and collect the evidence. The character that you will be playing will be of Bigby Wolf. Also being a five part series and having won 90 Game of Years awards, you know that this game will be one of the top adventure games for android. 

Game of Thrones:

If you’re a fan of this series, then game of thrones will be a perfect gameplay for you as it is one of the most played mobile games and will be a better option for adventurous games. The game play follows an entire set of 6 episodes, each following an exciting and equally interesting story line. But the most amazing part of this game is that you can choose the role of any character in the Forrester household and it is your decision that will decide the result of the war.

Batman – The Telltale Series:

In this game you can enact the role of handsome and rich Bruce Wayne as Batman. The game is set in such a way that you would have the option of switching between Bruce Wayne or Batman. Also, your choices and decisions will decide the fate of Batman. In this game the background of the story is created When Bruce Waynes decides to become Batman. However, this game has only one free episode and rest well you have to purchase in order to play further.

Samorost 3:

This game has to be the number one most played mobile games on android, if not that then the most adventurous game for android. The simplicity and all the characters of this game has some perspective. The story line is very interesting and shows a journey around the cosmos where the Gnome flies to different planets in order to ask the different creatures about the flute that he has discovered.   

So, now that you know the best and top adventure games for android then feel free to download them in order to enjoy your free time. Also, if you’re looking for some free online multiplayer games that you can play with your friends and families, then head over to top 4 multiplayer games article.

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