Top 5 Puzzle Games For Mobile Phones!

Top 5 Puzzle Games For Mobile Phones

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Puzzle games confuses you, entices you,  but most importantly, it improves your memory and makes your brain sharper in problem solving skills. Not only that, but puzzle games are one of the best games that you can play when you’re bored and have nothing to do. It is a game that just instantly makes your free time interesting and entertaining.

So, now that we have said the details about puzzle games, then why not give you a list of top puzzle games in the market that you can choose to play whenever you are free. If you’re ready then have a look at these top 5 puzzle games for mobile phones. 

Candy Crush Series:

How can we not talk about candy crush series because to be honest candy crush series is like the OG’s of the puzzle games on mobile phones. There was a time in 2014 where 93 million people were playing Candy Crush Saga which right now has received over 2.7 billion downloads. This is like a crazy amount of people playing this game on their phones. So, even if you want to join in and play this game, then get your phone and download it because pretty sure it will keep you entertained for hours.

The Room Series:

The room series is by far one of the best and top puzzle games for Android phones. This game has hours of entertainment factor like you can just sit and literally play this game for hours and won’t get bored of it. Usually some puzzle games are too easy or not so interesting, but this game is the opposite of uninteresting and unexciting. Plus with amazing storyline and awesome visuals, you get a lot of interesting stuff in this game.


If you are a fan of vibrant and colourblock theme, then this game is the one for you as it has such a pleasing and colourful theme going on in the screen. Though this game doesn’t have much brain storming puzzle games, but it will be a nice game for people who just wants something light and not too much of problem solving puzzles or a storyline. 


Threes is a type of those famous mobile games that easily gets you hooked up and addicted to the phone screens. It is a game where you have these cute number puzzles and you have to match the like numbers to win the game. However, if your grid gets filled with numbers, then it’s game over. This game is great for people who love maths to their core and want something to do with numbers and  multiplication. 

Brain It On:

Brain it On is an awesomely addictive physics-based game that instantly makes you want to think out of the box every time you play this game. This game is where you just have to use your fingers in order to draw lines, circles, objects, shapes, basically anything that you think can help you in solving the puzzle. For art lovers and people who love doodling then you guys would definitely find this game addictive and interesting.  Therefore, now that you know the top puzzle games on mobile phones then go ahead and download these games to enjoy the free time. Also with top puzzle games if you would like some car games too in between then head over to the top car racing games for android article.

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