Top 5 Famous Android Games for Gamer’s!

Top 5 Famous Android Games for Gamers

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The favourite pastime of any individual has to be their mobile games. Mobile games are such a great stimulating game that allows you to get entertained and competitive at the same time. So, in order to make your free time worth the good time, here is a list of some of the most Famous Mobile Games.

Top 5 Famous Android Games for Gamer's!

1) Another Eden:

Developed by Wright Flyer Studios, Another Eden is an exciting Mobile JRPG. This game features a collaboration with a music composer Yasunori Mitsuda and a writer Masato Kato. Apart from that, this game focuses on different points of time where a player can experience the great time travelling elements. In this game, a player roams around the game world with their gamemate rather than accepting the missions.

2) EA Sports game:

EA has a market that is centric only to the sports video games. EA Sports are the only developer with yearly launches of most sports, some of them, including FiFA Soccer, NBA Live Mobile, Madden NFL Overdrive game and many more. The graphics and controls of these games are pretty decent and good. But regardless of that EA sports have freemium elements that make it difficult and little frustrating for players. But apart from that, EA sports are the only developers that have a huge variety of sports video games.

3) Pokemon Go:

The biggest trend that made even celebrities play, is this much hyped game of Pokemon Go. Back in 2016, there was the sudden craze of this game that made stories after stories in the  media.

In this game, the players explore the locations around them while catching those cute Pokemon and finding the nearest Pokestops.

Even though the craze has limited down yet this game made the history by becoming one of the most iconic games in the world.

4) Sky Force Reloaded:

Sky Force reloaded is a scrolling shooting game, where a player needs to fly a plane and win the goal of defeating the bad guys, avoiding the bullets and performing all kinds of various hunts. The graphics of this game are pretty decent and has good detailings that will definitely make you entertained for hours.

5) Vainglory:

Developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory is the greatest Multiplayer online arena available on Android. This game is much like any other MOBA game that provides you the facility of teaming up with people and going head to head with other teams. If not that you can also choose bots as an opposing team in the battle. All in all, this game has decent graphics and good controls that eventually makes it a better game in the free range of the mobile games.

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