Top 5 Bike Racing Games For Android!

Top 5 Bike Racing Games For Android!

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Bike racing games are one  of the top favourites among gamers in the world. The graphics, the realistic feel is everything that a gamer wants in his/her game. Plus, if it is a game that can actually get your adrenaline rush speed up, then man it is something that you should be downloading without wasting any of your time.

So, in order to help you with that we have listed top 5 bike racing games for android that you need to check out the minute you read this article because it is definitely not something that should be ignored.

Top 5 Bike Racing Games For Android!

1. Bike Racing 3D:

Something which deals with bike and 3d mobile game is the one that you need to check out first because not only it is 3d based but the Cyclo-cross stunts in this gameplay will leave you stunned  for days. Also with features like live traffic of bicycles, 60 tracks with tons of dodge obstacles and easy to technical mode, you get a lot in this game of bike racing. Plus, if it is three-dimensional graphics then you really don’t need anything else to ask for in this game.

2.Traffic Rider:

Another one on the list of bike racing games for android is this mind blowing bike racing game called Traffic Rider. This game is specially made for someone  who really likes to dig in and go zig zag zoop in the traffic. For. e.g. if you have seen those bikers who just speed up like a wind in the traffic, then you know what I’m talking about.

If you could remember those bikers in your mind right now, then seriously, this game is something like that plus if you’re a fan of doing something extra crazy then download it and give it a go because the features like career mode, 70+ missions and 29 motorbikes will not only spice up your free time but will create an interesting moment.

3. Drag Racing: Bike Edition:

A bike racing game for android that has the most realistic physics engine, meaning a game that gives a realistic approach to a game is something to try for if you’re a fan of bike racing games. With features like awesome graphics, customization of the bikes and the outfit, epic upgrades, real challenges and most importantly fair play means there’s nothing like premium upgrades and all of that sort. It is your power, skill and dedication that will make you upgrade in the game.     

4. Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag:

With features like 71 plus heavily modded bikes, tune and customization, storyline of underground rivalry and gang battles, exploring the city ruled by hardcore criminals and daredevils, ultra smooth graphics and most importantly the option of selecting from 17 languages, you have a good meal of options to choose from in this game. So, why wait? Hurry up and download this game to win against boredom.  

5. Racing Fever: Moto:

This bike racing game is a package filled with amazing features like four different camera angles, four different gang leaders,  realistically modeled 16 motorcycles, 10 levels and option of 23 languages. Addition to that there is a ton  of different modes like Daily bonus mode, Private mode and Escape mode.

So, now that you know the top 5 best bike racing games for android then what are you waiting for get your mobile phones fully charged and play these awesome bike games. But with bike games if you want a little bit of different stuff like car games too, then head over to the top car racing games for android article.

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