Top 5 Best Escape Games For Android!

Top 5 Best Escape Games For Android

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Escape games are like a mystery game for android. Here the game places you in a room or in a situation where your main motto is to escape the place using the clues given in the game. These games are fun and have very complex and interesting story lines. So, if you’re interested and want to know the list of best escape games for android then keep on reading….

Adventure Escape Series:

The Adventure Escape is a series of games that has plot lines and a motto to escape from danger. This game is a series of Haiku Games and features a protagonist trying to solve the mystery in the game. The series constitutes of 9 games and each of the nine games is free to download. 

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Arctic Escape is new and is a sequel to one of the most famous mobile games in Faraway franchise. The Faraway games have a theme and in this game you have an arctic theme. Apart from the theme, this game contains simple mechanics and a ton of puzzles. So, if anytime you’re on a hunt of some good puzzle and escape game then here is the good choice.

Can You Escape Series:

Now this game is a legit series of escape games that puts you in a position where you have to leave no matter what. Hence, in order to get out you need to solve the puzzles. Apart from that, this series has very cute and cartoon style characters which make this game fun and delightful.

Monument Valley 2:

This game is very cute to watch and even more fun to play. It is one of the most fun mystery games for android and for players worldwide. Here in this game you have to guide a mother and her child as they go on a journey of cute and magical architecture, discovering new pathways and amazingly awesome puzzles. Not only that, but you also have a very soothing and beautiful audio that plays while you play this game. 

100 Doors Series:

100 Door Series features 100 levels of varying environments. Here in this game a player must have to solve a puzzle in order to open the door which leads to another door. The puzzles in this game are very interesting and exciting. However the game has very plain and simple aesthetic but the levels in this game will get tougher after a progress.

So, if you’re into just the puzzle thingy then this game will definitely work as a good free game. So, these are some of the best escape games for android that you can download on your phone to kill the boredom of life because why to get bored when you have such amazing games to play with. Also, if you’re a person who is looking for some bike racing games as well then head over to the top bike racing games for android article.

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