Top 5 best 3D Games for Android!

top 5 best 3D games for Android

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Mobile gaming has taken a huge step of improvement in the last half a decade. It’s no longer limited to just 2D games with minimal or less interesting graphics, it has now become 3D with amazing and realistic graphics.

But as we all know that mobile phones doesn’t really have that 3D screen, there is no real and true 3D mobile game for Android users.

Top 5 best 3D Games for Android!

So, Instead of true 3D mobile games, here are a list of android games with 3D graphics that will be equally interesting to try out on your phones.

1) Asphalt 9:

Developed by Gameloft Barcelona, Asphalt 9 is the latest game of the Asphalt series. The graphics of this game are realistic and highly advanced. In this game a player can unlock tons of other vehicles, whereas he/she can race in hundreds of different events. A player can also customize their car to make it completely theirs.

This game has three modes of playing: Multiplayer where a player competes against other online real time players, Events where a player takes part in daily or weekly competition to beat the other players time and lastly Career where a player competes single players chapters that consists of several series of races.

2) PUBG:

A new release of 2018 that has gained immense popularity in just a few months is this Battle Royale game called PUBG. It’s a true 3D mobile game that has up to 100 players competing against each other in real time. By being a mobile game PUBG still provides their users this fantastically amazing graphics with great sound quality.

3) Critical Ops: 

Developed by Critical Force and being inspired from Counter Strike, this game is one of the best shooters game on playstore. In this game a player teams up with other people to play against real time players. This game features tons of weapons and equipments, various game types and amazing controls. Not only that, but here a player can also chat and can also create a game party where he/she can invite their  friends to join for a quick game play.

4) Lumino City:

Sequel to Lume, this is a puzzle based 3D mobile game from Noodlecake Studios. One of the best parts about this game is its graphics, the graphics of this game use the real world objects. Thus making it an extra realistic gameplay for users. The story of this game takes around eight to ten hours to complete, making the player engage with the world and its beautiful story.

5) The Room: Old Sins

Developed by  Fireproof Games, The Room: Old Sins is the fourth game in the series “The Room”. The plot of this game is very interesting and mysterious, so if you are a person who likes mysterious stories then you should give this game a try.

In this game a player is provided with a highly detailed dollhouse where he can examine and find the secrets by solving the puzzle. Apart from having an insanely good graphics and storyline, this game has achievements and cloud saving, the two things that almost everyone likes seeing.

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