Best Cricket Games For Android Phones!

Best Cricket Games For Android Phones

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Cricket is a sport game that is loved by almost every other individual on the mother earth. For cricket people can actually fly out to places and stadiums where it is held at. For cricket no amount of work or priority can fail to divert the topic of cricket from these cricket fans and no amount of tv channels or youtubers videos can distract them from watching a cricket game. Hence, even if you are one of those crazy cricket fans looking for some real time game for yourself as well then check out this list of 5 best cricket games for android phones.

Best Cricket Games For Android Phones

Real Cricket 18:

This game is not only one of the best cricket games for android but is one of the realistic games of all time. Like here in this game you can customize your teams, choose where to bowl, manage the whole team and most importantly show the major skills in cricket rather than the timing and luck. If that doesn’t catch your attention then wait till you try out the other features like the Test Cricket, Decision Review System with Snicko and Hotspot,  Stadiums with time progression, auction and post-match presentations. 

World Cricket Championship 2:

This game may not be the most famous mobile games in the world, but is the best games for cricket fans to try out. It is a game that will be worth your time and gigabyte as it has a realistic feel and connect to their players heart. Not only that, but this 3D game features awesome graphics, smooth controlling features and comes in three formats of Test, T20, and ODI across the 32 stadiums.

World of Cricket:

If you want something a little bit cartoonistic style, then go for the World of Cricket game. This game features a wide range of 25 shots and bowling actions. This game can be a fun game for someone who is looking for some chillout game rather than a full realistic game.  

Big Bash Cricket:

This game is inspired from a domestic cricket game played in Australia called the KFC Big Bash league. It is same like the Big Bash league and definitely would give you a real time feel. Also one thing that is very unique and good about this gaming app is that it has a full control over your shot, like you can actually play any shot that is possible in the field of cricket.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions:

Now, this game is a character playing game of Sachin Tendulkar. In this game you play as Sachin Tendulkar and  relive some of the most memorable and amazing moments in the history of Cricket. It is a game solely based for all the big time fans of Sachin Tendular as  here you will have a character and a moment to feel the same kind of emotions and feel on the ground.

Therefore, if you’re a cricket fan and also a fan of android games, then feel free to download any of these top 5 famous android games in the cricket department because not only it will increase an interest level in you but will make you addicted to these games. So, play these top 5 amazing games and be a part of the cricket gaming world without fail.  

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